Natural product number (NPN) 相关申请咨询及政府批复


产品顺利拿到加拿大卫生部颁发的NPN许可批文后,本公司可全权代理新产品在加拿大,美国的销售。我们有着成熟的北美市场销售体系,同时运营一家保健品企业贝加天然药业Best In Nature Canada, 对新品开发上市有着丰富的经验,并在美国有300多家分销点,在加拿大120多家代理商。强大的营销网络会使您的产品收益颇丰。

公司特聘加拿大,美国Health Canada法规专家、营养学博士、保健品专家长期作为咨询顾问,我们不但会帮助您了解加拿大、美国乃至世界最新的保健行业信息,还将帮您策划制定中国制药企业国际化发展方案。 

We can be your distributor.  Best in Nature Canada® , registered health and dietary supplement company with Food and Drug branch, Health Department license number # 46015. We sell quality products nationwide and internationally. Self-improvement, self-care, and natural remedy are today’s health focuses. Best in Nature Canada® is committed to your health and quality of life. With unrelenting attention to product quality, scientific research and customer needs, Best in Nature Canada® supplies an extensive product line globally. Our superior formulations are carefully and scientifically designed according to cGMP standard Health Canada and FDA regulations to meet customers’ nutritional and therapeutic demands, and the result of extensive research in biochemistry and the latest achievements in nutrition science, providing the most up-to-date and innovative formulas. For more than ten years, we have been serving the natural health industry in different fields and marketing premium nutritional supplements designed to promote healthy living. We are led by a team of experts who help to continually improve our products and business. Technical Director Alfredo J. Quattrone, (Medicinal Chemistry PhD, DABT) provides strategic guidance in regulatory affairs and compliance, thanks to his 20 years of expertise in FDA and the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Health. Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Panella (MBA), having previously worked at National Vitamin Company, Soft Gel Technologies, Kashi Foods, Green Foods, and Arrowhead Mills, is seasoned in the natural products industry. Our CEO Joy Pan (MA & Pharmaceutical Engineering) has been managing various natural products businesses for decades with honed acumen and experience.